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Improve Your Focus

Have you been feeling overwhelmed, disorganized, and stressed? You are not alone. The inability to focus your mind can contribute to these feelings, and in our multi-tasking world, the ability to focus effectively is diminishing.

Feldenkrais lessons improve focus by tapping into your innate kinesthetic intelligence. The subject of your focus training will be awareness. Specifically, awareness of your body and your physical sensations of movement.

Like guided meditation, the process is quiet and inwardly focused. You will listen to instructions to perform a simple, gentle movement. You will also be guided through observations that focus on the way the movement resonates throughout your body. This is the magic of Feldenkrais, and the aspect of the training that leads to better overall integration of the body.

You will be rewarded with the satisfaction that comes with the ability to recognize how focusing has led to a sense of completion. This starts within the self, but can then be generalized to your life and work.

Have 5 minutes right now?

Here is a guided meditation lesson from Awake Naps.


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