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Body Knowledge for Teaching Body Mastery

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Kinesthetic Edge Announces a New Feldenkrais® Book and Continuing Education Course Designed for Movement Educators and Experts

Whether you are a Fitness & Wellness Expert, a Performing Arts Educator, an Athletic Coach, or a Medical Professional, you are in the business of motivating your clients or students to make healthy choices with respect to exercise and training. Nothing empowers an individual more than the process of learning. Body Knowledge: A Continuing Education Course for Movement Specialists based on the Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education will introduce you to a deeply therapeutic mind body method.

Walpole, MA, Oct 31-- Local Feldenkrais teacher and movement specialist, Andrea Higgins, has authored a new digital publication designed to unlock the mysteries of the elusive Feldenkrais Method. A process oriented and experiential method, Feldenkrais fosters a deep kinesthetic experience of the relationship between sensory awareness, movement, and learning, and can have a profoundly positive impact on body organization and health.

A dancer and Pilates teacher before she discovered Feldenkrais, Higgins recognized an unmet need among those who dedicate their lives to teaching others to move. The Feldenkrais Method offers a foundation upon which all movement rests--from the simplest functional activity to the most complex and dynamic of athletic feats.

Sometimes thought of as a therapeutic way to address pain in the dance world, Feldenkrais can actually be utilized in many creative ways across movement disciplines to help students improve body organization and use, thereby preventing injuries before they happen. As students connect more deeply to their movement instincts, they often experience greater dynamic and expressive potential, which benefits performance on the stage and the athletic field.

Body Knowledge is designed to give movement educators an immersive experience. Audio media included in the book gives the reader an opportunity to experience a series of four Feldenkrais lessons, and then reflect on the structure, and learning strategies used in the lessons. Three optional exams structured into the course gives the reader an opportunity to begin planning how to apply the strategies in their own teaching practice. 

Body Knowledge is available exclusively online, and can be read on any internet enabled device, including desktop, laptop, tablet, and smart phone.

Retails for $19.99


This course is a wonderful addition to the world of visualization and body connection. It helps the student grasp a better understanding between mind and body.
~Beth Dibnah, ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, McAllen TX
I believe personal trainers need a variety of tools to serve their clients. The Feldenkrais Method, as introduced in Body Knowledge, is a very applicable tool. Also, I loved the audios. I will use them!
~Deni Carruth, CPFS, CPT, CES, North Richland Hills, TX
Excellent Course and good for all ACE professionals to be familiar with!
~Vanessa Spinazola, ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, New Orleans, LA


 Andrea Higgins teaches, writes, and speaks about the Feldenkrais Method of movement. She is the author of Kinesthetic Edge for Golfers, Meditation: State of Mind or State of Awareness, Awake Naps, and Body Knowledge. She also publishes feature articles on the intersection of Feldenkrais with the Arts, Sciences, Sports, Books, and more through her blog, Move Think Sense Feel. She can be reached for interviews, media appearances, workshops, and events here: