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Do You Have Pain?

Chronic pain can creep into your life, almost without your knowing how. Maybe it started with a little stiffness that used to go away once you got up and going, but now your back pain or plantar fasciitis stays with you throughout the day, or keeps you up at night, or prevents you from doing the things you enjoy. Or maybe your discomfort is more widespread throughout the body, such as occurs with fibromyalgia.

Feldenkrais can be very effective for managing these kinds of chronic pain. Our clients frequently mention a reduction in the symptoms of back pain and plantar fasciitis, as well as other types of localized pain that develops over time as the result of repetitive misuse of the body. Individuals with more widespread types of pain like fibromyalgia often report that the gentleness of the lessons enables them to experience the joy of movement without provoking a flare-up of symptoms.

Feldenkrais Can Help

Feldenkrais is different from medical interventions, such as physical therapy, which tends to focus on treating the specific condition or injury. In fact, it is important to note that the Feldenkrais Method is not a medical intervention at all; it is an educational intervention.

Feldenkrais lessons focus on a re-educating the whole person, body and mind. It does this through a process of integrating movement patterns that support healthy functioning. The lessons are gentle and evoke an embodied sense of mindfulness. They emphasize self-care, and deepen awareness of the relationship between moving, thinking, sensing, and feeling.

Although every Feldenkrais lesson can potentially lead to healing by instilling an increasingly integrated use of the self, some of our pain clients have had great success with certain combinations of lessons.

Although not initially created with these conditions in mind, the lessons have been so effective for those suffering from foot pain (including Plantar Fasciitis) and back pain that we have decided to offer the programs live and online, more regularly throughout the year.

Please see a full description of these programs under our Live Workshop Webinars Reccomendtions. You will also find additional resources listed here that you can use right away. Enjoy!


These programs are designed for individuals who are managing fairly well despite pain. If you are in severe discomfort, please seek medical attention. If your doctor thinks Feldenkrias is appropriate for you, you should start with private lessons first.

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