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My acupuncturist recommended Feldenkrais for me as an adjunct therapy for my MS. I became convinced that he was right to recommend it when I read “The Brain’s Way of Healing” by Norman Doidge. He explained how the properties of neuroplasticity allow some parts of the brain to compensate for others that aren’t working well and that the brain can actually be retrained through tools like Feldenkrais to function better.

I signed up for personal sessions with Andrea Higgins in 2015 and am extremely grateful for both her expertise and for the effects that Feldenkrais had on my life. My gait pattern has completely shifted for the better. Consequently, I use less energy and cover more distance with greater ease than I have in years! I can’t recommend Andrea or Feldenkrais highly enough. She’s a wonderful, caring, knowledgeable healer and will work with your specific modalities to help your brain reprogram itself just as it needs to.
— Mary Lou in MA
Although I had to purchase your publication for a class at CSUN, I would’ve purchased it anyway and I am very glad I did! Meditation is something I have found to be a very helpful tool in my life, but unfortunately I have yet to master it. In retrospect, I am a Kinesiology student and movement and physical activity are my primary focus within my studies. Never in a million years would I think to combine movement forms and meditation but thanks to you I found the cure for the interruptions while meditating! The level of cognitive clarity I was able to achieve while incorporating small movements into my meditation was absolutely astounding and an experience I have been trying to reach for 3 years now. You are doing a wonderful thing and I hope others will benefit from your work.
— Melanie in CA, on our Multimedia Publiction "Meditation"
After just two sessions, the neck problems I’d had for years diminished. Now I have the tools and awareness to change my habits and alleviate my neck pain. I am also more connected when I dance and I incorporate this information when teaching dance and Pilates classes. Andrea is one of the most talented and knowledgeable instructors I’ve ever worked with!
— Kristin in MA, Certified Movement Analyst, Certified Pilates Instructor; Private Lessons
By the end of one of my golf trips, I usually want to throw away my clubs and take about two weeks off. This year I did two lessons each day, before and after I played, and I was able to maintain a level of consistency in my body, and therefore, my play.
— Adam in DC, on "Kinesthtic Edge for Golfers"
In just two weeks, Andrea’s Movement Analysis course made a lifelong impact on our students’ understanding of their bodies. Individual weaknesses have dissolved and there is more complete knowledge of fluidity and motion that we have never seen before in these students. Andrea is an excellent instructor—not only knowledgeable beyond compare, but remarkably sensitive to each student’s learning process and needs.
— Diane Cypher & Robert Kelley, Directors, The Studio, School of Classical Ballet, Santa Cruz, CA
I just wanted to let you know that I tried lesson one. There was something in there that allowed me to relax and swing more freely, and I’m getting another 20 to 30 yards on my drives, which is unbelievable. That alone was worth the price of admission.
— Steve in MA, on "Kinesthetic Edge for Golfers"
Andrea, just want to let you know that my hip and shoulder both feel better than they have in the past 2 years. It’s really great to have a “normal” type of feeling and movement again.
— Barbara in DC, Private Lessons
I believe personal trainers need a variety of tools to serve thier clients. The Feldenkrais Method, as introduced in Body Knowledge, is a very aplicable tool. Also, I loved the audios. I will use them.
— Deni Carruth, CPFS, CPT, CES, North Richland, TX; on Body Knowledge CEC Course
This course is a wonderful addition to the world of visualization and body connection. It helps the student grasp a better understanding between body and mind.
— Beth Dibnah, ACE Certified Group Instructor, McAllen, TX, on Body Knowledge CEC Course
Excellent course and good for all ACE professionals to be familiar with!
— Vanessa Spinazola, ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, New Orleans, LA; on Body Knowledge CEC Course
Your Feldenkrais training has truly opened my eyes to the inner workings of my body and the motion/movement of my bone structure in my muscles. Thank you so much for this new experience.
— Lilly in Santa Cruz, Dance Workshop Participant
Andrea, thank you for helping me to relax and move! I definitely needed your class and will continue to work on the valuable things you taught me!
— Brittany in Santa Cruz, Dance Workshop Participant
Andrea, I loved your class! Thank you so much. The concepts you taught have helped not only my dancing but everyday movements.
— Heather in Santa Cruz, Dance Workshop Participant
Taking this class has helped me to be more aware of my body and it’s natural movements. Thanks for understanding and smiling.
— Michelle in Santa Cruz, Dance Workshop Participant
Andrea, I have just returned from running the Marine Corps Marathon and I owe that to you. Before I came to see you I was not able to run since I had pulled my hamstring. After 1 lesson I was running again and after the 2nd lesson I was running much more relaxed. I never realized how tight I was on my left side until you analyzed my gait and running form. The exercises we did definitely worked and I feel much looser when I run. Thank you.
— Mark in RI, 4 Private Lessons