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Kinesthetic Edge for Golfers - SOWA Sundays - July 13, 20, and 27

  • Movimiento Gallery 450 Harrison Avenue, #61 Boston, MA 02118 USA (map)

The Kinesthetic Edge for Golfers workshop will introduce you to Awareness Through Movement®, a learning method that brings about remarkable improvement in body alignment and efficiency.

Based upon the teaching strategies developed by Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc., the program will help you to develop a heightened sense of kinesthetic awareness, which has a self-organizing effect on the body and mind.  By learning how to increase your awareness of your body in movement, you will begin to connect with your natural movement instincts and, thereby, intuitively sense the body organization that best supports your golf swing.

A lot goes on in your body during the golf swing, far too much to be aware of in the moment. It is possible, however, to examine one small part of it at a time. The Awareness Through Movement lessons in this program will help you to break down the multiple sensations of the golf swing, so that you can more easily sense the underlying patterns of movement that combine to make the whole.

As you bring awareness to one movement pattern at a time, you will start to sense the patterns beginning to integrate more fully throughout your body. Once that happens, you will be much more likely to embody that pattern during your golf swing and be better able to apply it consistently on the golf course.

The Awareness Through Movement lessons that will be introduced in each of the three sessions in this program will have a singular focus, designed to address various aspects of the golfer's physicality:

Session 1: The first step in being able to make significant and lasting changes to your golf technique is to know what you are presently doing with your whole self when you swing the golf club. This class will help you to improve your ability to sense your body in movement.

Session 2: Will heighten your awareness of the forces that transmit through your skeleton during the golf swing, and help you to have a sensed experience of what it really means to play from the ground up.

Session 3: Will lead to improved rotational mobility in the ribs and thoracic spine, resulting in a more effortless swing.

Each 1.5-hour session will begin with mat work, which will introduce you to general concepts related to movement organization and integration. You will then do golf application lessons, which will help you to integrate what you have learned but in a way that keeps the focus on your sensory experience of the golf swing.


Advance registration is required. Special savings for registering by June 13, 2014.


$120 for all three sessions; $90 by June 13.

$45 for a single sessions; $35 by June 13.


Sunday, July 13, 20, & 27


4:30 – 6:00 pm

Special Instructions

Please bring a mat and a water bottle. You can bring a golf club if you like, but it is not required. If possible, you may want to schedule a golf match, lesson, or trip to the driving range following your lesson. And if you are as excited about this program as we are, please help to spread the word through social media. We are on Twitter @KinestheticEdge.


By the end of one of my golf trips,I usually want to throw away my clubs and take about two weeks off. This year I did two lessons each day, before and after I played, and I was able to maintain a level of consistency in my body, and therefore, my play.
— Adam in Washington, DC